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What is a Comprehensive Assessment Plan

A comprehensive assessment plan is a detailed schedule of assessments designed to provide an unbroken chain of data that supports and enhances whole student learning from elementary through career. This tool provides you with a simple, visual layout of your current assessments across grades and ACT Holistic Framework domains, as well as recommended solutions to complete your comprehensive assessment plan.

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Use the drop menu options below to add grade levels you are currently assessing, the purpose of each assessment, and with the assessments you currently utilize. Add multiple rows if necessary. Click 'Get Results' when finished to view the results of your current plan and recommendations.

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Assessment Plan for {{assessment_data.c_institution}} This Is Your Assessment Plan

You're on your way to completing your comprehensive assessment plan! Take a look at your results to see how your assessments meet the needs of whole student learning. Click on the gray squares to view assessments not being utilized that would help you achieve your plan goals.

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Make It Comprehensive

We recommend these solutions to complete your comprehensive assessment plan and prepare your students for eduction and career success.



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